About Us

woman in a hmong wedding dress
Our Mission
Our mission is to transform women's lives by making them feel good about themselves, to build their self-esteem and confidence where they can embrace their inner beauty with fashion so they can reach their highest dreams and potential.
Founder's Note
ZamHmong LLC. was established in 2019. We are a company that symbolizes in Hmong clothing sales and rentals. We also offer exclusive, elegant, and high quality designs of both women and men clothing to our customers worldwide. ZamHmong LLC. is a young, ambitious, and dynamic company that aspires to set, develop, and maintain a higher standard of fashion and art. We aim to create a brand around our true passion for traditional fashion. We also want our brand to accurately reflect who we are professionally as well as personally. When represented online, no one will have second guess who or what we represent. Beauty is what we create, not what we see. The creator behind ZamHmong foundation clothing line goes to HmongTagkis.
"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" - C.S. Lewis
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